German diction coaching role preparation

This is for you when


  • you are preparing for a role, recording or a project with German repertoire


  • you want to prepare your ensemble or choir for a performance, competition, recording or project with German repertoire



Here’s what my clients say:

„For my recent CD productions, I could always rely on Angela’s coaching lessons.

With enormous background knowledge and infinite patience, she improved and corrected my pronunciation.

It was great fun!”

Johannes, Countertenor

What you get


  • Both, translations of your repertoire texts (both, literal and word by word) AND audio files with the spoken text


  • An (almost) infinte amount of 60 minutes of concentrated, intensive German diction coaching on your repertoire


  • We’ll prepare you for your role, recording or project until your German pronunciation in singing is perfect and you can perform with confidence and ease.


what i need


  • A list of the arias and/ or songs or the role you want to work on


  • A briefing on your pronunciation challenges 


  • What project you are preparing for


this is how it works


  • You contact me either by e-mail or by filling in the contact form.


  • We discuss your project and timetable and schedule the first lessons


  • I’ll send you an e-mail with a zoom-link for our coaching meetings. Please make sure beforehand that both your camera and audio work.


What does it cost


  • This depends on the scope of the role or repertoire and the amount of time we need for you to feel confident with singing in German.
    Contact me and give me some information about your repertoire and I’ll make you an offer.