My Bucket List – 42 Things I Really Want to Experience, Do and Learn

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Published 03/23/2021

Bucket lists seem to pop up left, right and center at the moment and I must admit that when I stumbled over the term a while ago, I did not know what it meant. (To be honest, I actually thought it WAS a list of buckets. I didn’t even have one, why should I make a list?!)

Eventually I found out that it describes a list with things you want to experience, do and learn in life.

It is that kind of list we know from people who know that they are going to die shortly.

As I am quite healthy and expect to live to 103 (my gran and her sisters all lieved to +/- 100 and I have her genes), I find the concept of writing down at least 100 things and trying to realize them within quite a short amount of time (usually a year) quite appealing and I decided to to a list for myself.

I mean: 100 things. How complicated can that be?

Well, turned out to be complicated for me. After one week, I still have “only” 42 things on my list. But hey: this list is bound to be organic. What appeals to me today might not be tempting any more in five or ten years. New topics, interests and even passions may pop up during the next years (I am sure they do; always has been like that…) and generate new ideas and wishes.

Although it is not complete yet I present you with my bucket list which I intend to update from time to time, tick the things I did, add new ones or even cross out things I am no longer interested in (although I cannot imagine what that would be).

Let’s see what this list will look like one year from now (which is on March 21, 2022).


 “We have two lifes.
The second begins when you realize we have only ONE.”


My bucket list (in no certain order):

#1 Ice bathing in a frozen lake (missed the opportunity this year but that’s definitely number one for next winter!)

#2 Visit Kew Gardens in England

#3 Learn to ride a horse

#4 Write at least 40 blog articles in 2021

#5 Build an insect hotel for the garden

#6 Finish the first level of my Hungarian language course

#7 Visit Hungary (and see Budapest)

#8 Stroke an elephant (this sounds strange but I want to know how it feels)

#9 Make a series of pronunciation videos and publish them on YouTube

#10 Learn to cook a really yummy Tom Kha Gai

#11 Make S’mores over a fire pit (I have never ever eaten S’mores and I’m terribly curious what they taste like!)

#12 Sleep under the stars

#13 Travel to Sweden and visit Astrid Lindgren’s Småland

#14 Plant an apple tree (or any tree for that matter)

#15 Relaunch my website

#16 See the northern lights

#17 Be a guest on a podcast

#18 Have a photo shooting just for me

#19 Get a cat (or several cats)

#20 Become fluent in French

#21 Eat Sachertorte in Vienna

#22 Organize a summer diction camp for singers

#23 Become a digital nomad for three months

#24 Let go off a floating lantern

#25 Spend a whole summer on a “Bergalm” (a hill farm in the alps)

#26 Go into a desert

#27 Learn how to do cross-country skiing (second thing-to-be-done for next winter [see no.1])

#28 Go on a photo tour with a certain topic and afterwards organize an exhibition in my living room

#29 Spend the night in a castle

#30 Live in a foreign country

#31 Create a vegetable garden I made a 80 square meter vegetable garden and hope to enlarge it even more!

#32 Make ketchup from my own tomatoes

#33 Build a table

#34 Learn how to sketch

#35 Build a wooden patio

#36 Do ten push-ups in a row (I only can do two…)

#37 Bake a three-tiered cake (not sure for what occasion)

#38 Become fluent in Italian and then:

#39 Go on a road trip through Italy

#40 Buy pretty lights for the living room (after 1 1/2 years, we still have only two light bulbs hanging there) Done by June 3, 2021! I’m so happy!

#41 Make six figures in one year

#42 Live one month without sugar

To be continued…



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