My 12th of June – 12von12 / 12 of 12

Ice cream
Published 06/12/2021

In May, I took part in the bloggers’ tradition of “12von12” (12 of 12) where you document every twelvth of every month for a year.

It turned out to be quite some fun, so I decided to stick to it and in no time, the twelvth of June has arrived.

Here’s what it looked like:

Alarm clock
An early rise

For a Saturday, I got up quite early, at 4.30 a.m. to be exact. As I have a lot on my plate for today, I’d better have an early start.

vegetable garden
My garden

This is the scene of my first task this morning: my vegetable garden.

Unfortunately, not only the vegetables but also (and more than anything) weeds are growing like mad and it’s time to pick them and make room for tomatoes, peas and cabbage.



When I’m done, I cannot but admire and enjoy the sunrise. I often get up early in Summer just to watch it but no matter how often I’ve seen the sunrise it never fails to take my breath away.

Angela in car
Time for a nap

After gardening, I went home, grabbed a shower and headed out again for grocery shopping and taking some garbage to the recycling center. I drove my partner to the station and the boys to their first live choir rehearsal in I don’t know how many weeks!

I’m grateful they can rehearse live and see their choir mates again. It was about time.

Nevertheless, I’m a bit tired by late morning and decide to take a nap in the car. Honestly, I’m a firm believer in power naps and whenever I can sneak one in, I’ll take one.

In summer, I always have a picnic blanket in the car so that I can sleep in the park, in winter, the sleeping bag’s in the car to hold me warm during naps.

Angela eating ice cream
Reward: ice cream

Refreshed, I feel able to buy some clothes with my youngest. He has grown so much during the last weeks and urgently needs some trousers that don’t stop right above the ankles.

Successful clothes hunting deserves a reward: we indulged in ice cream of one of the best ice cream parlours in town.

At my parents’

On Saturday mornings (and Wednesday afternoons), I usually go to my parent’s and help them with household chores. We established this routine during the extraordinary circumstances that started last year in March and although time’s a bit tight sometimes, I manage to keep it up.

I’m very grateful that I still have both of my parents and enjoy having these dates fixed every week with them.

white cat
there are the cats!
cat on meadow
And of course:

I also happen to enjoy the cats. ?

In our flat we are not allowed to have pets which is why I love my parents’ cats all the more.

Mail surprise

Back home, the mail has arrived and delivered a book I had ordered a few weeks ago.

To be honest, I had already forgotten about it – which makes its delivery an even greater surprise!

noodle making machine
Making noodles

Two hungry boys can eat you out of house and home!

As I wanted to make some noodles anyway, I decided to make a large quantity to have some for storing. Turned out there’s nothing left and I have to make some again soon… ?

Angela at laptop
Newsletter time

With every mouth fed and the boys doing the dishes, I sit down to work on a blog article and on my newsletter for Monday morning.

Rose and salvia

It was a long day and I enjoy its end with my boys and a glass of elderflower lemonade amidst the flowers on my balcony.?


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