Monthly Review: June 2021 – Lessons learned

Hiking through the Alps
Published 07/01/2021

Time flies by and June’s already over. Half of the year gone, can you believe it!
I’ve never done before a monthly review but I thought I’d give it a try this June. After all, it may turn out a similarily great concept like 12of12 and I might add it to my monthly list of blog posts.😊

Looking back on June 2021, I can make out several lessons I learned through seemingly unimportant events:

A new lamp OR:
If it annoys you, fix it


A new lamp

After almost two years, we finally have a lamp above the dining table. (By the way: the lamp in the background replaces the second light bulb. Yeah!)


In September 2019 my family and I moved into our current flat we call “crow’s nest” as it is located on the second floor. Until very recently, we still had light bulbs dangling above the living room and dining table. At first, we couldn’t find anything we like, then I wanted to make some DIY lights by myself (which turned out pretty massive) and then – we forgot!

“Really”, you’ll say, “how can anyone ‘forget’ ugly light bulbs when they’re seeing them every single day?”

Well, that’s exactly it. After a while you don’t notice them any longer and there is nothing more lasting than a provisional solution.

It was only when I wrote my bucket list in March that I realized how much I wanted some real lamps in our dining and living room. Still, it took me two months longer to pull myself together and head for the furniture shop. Can you imagine my delight when I finally found the perfect lamp for the dining room table? I couldn’t wait to see how it looked, went straight home and hung it up.

It was wonderful – until I put the lights on. The lamp made a very obvious, very awful buzzing sound! At first, I thought I’d get used to it but after several evenings of nerve-wretching buzzing I gave up and wrote to the customer service that I wanted to change the lamp. It still took several weeks but a few days ago I could finally install the new lamp. And voilà: beautiful light, no sound! Hooray!

Lesson #1: If it annoys you, fix it!

First harvest OR: Stay consistent

Eight years ago I had to give up my comparably large vegetable garden and since then I had neither had the opportunity nor the time to cultivate one. Last year, however, I felt such an urge to dig up soil and plant that I looked for some space I could use as a garden. Fortunately enough, I found a vast meadow in walking distance where I could rent some 100 square meters to turn into a garden.

Spring and early summer were comparably cold and wet here in Southern Germany. It’s no wonder for that matter that my newly created garden was a bit reluctant to produce… well… produce. 😊

I was quite frustrated for some time that the plants didn’t seem to grow properly and that all treatments and caring didn’t bring any results.

It was my eldest son who, when I was complaining and grumbling about everything I did being in vain, reminded me about what I had always told him: “Consistency is the road to success”. It really isn’t fun to listen to your own words presented to you by a smug teenager!

Anyway, you may imagine my delight, when last month I finally harvested my very first lettuce, rucola and cucumber. I made a large mixed salad with plants I had raised myself. I couldn’t have been more proud!

first harvest

The first lettuce from my garden


Lesson #2: Stay consistent in your efforts, even if you don’t see results immediately.


My new website OR: If you’re stuck, get help


Finally, my new webdesign is online. You know about it, obviously, as you are visiting my website.

Already in March I have taken a course on the Divi-Theme a sort of design template for websites. It was a lot of information and things to do but I was positive I could publish a new design by the end of April. Yet, April turned into May and then June and although most things were ready for publication, I found myself postponing.

Had I realized sooner that I was just afraid of crashing both sites, I’d have looked for help earlier. Instead, I polished and edited until it dawned on me that this was just another way of procrastination. I decided to reach out for help and found it in Joachim who had set up my first site years ago. Within an hour the move was completed – and I was not only relieved but energized. Honestly, it felt so good to have accomplished this similarily small task that I could have uprooted a tree!

Lesson #3: If you are stuck, reach out for help.


What else happened in June:

The boys and I went camping for a weekind during their school holidays. I’m so grateful that they still want to do something together as a family! God knows they’re growing so fast…

We also did a hiking tour in the Alps which we enjoyed so much that we decided to do that more often. Shortly before we reached the summit, the soles of my youngest’s hiking shoes tore off and he had to walk the rest of the path in his sports shoes!

Hiking through the Alps

Summit in reach! Soles are still where they belong – but not for long

Lesson #4: Carpe diem


Several blog articles have seen the light of the world:

What July will bring

July is a bit like December: bursting with appointments, closing events, birthdays (six in my family!), end-of-term coachings… Every year I resolve to take it easy, stay calm and focused but I also know that it’s no use. So let’s face the unavoidable chaos but make plans nevertheless:

I have several ideas for upcoming blog articles on pronunciation issues and aria/song analyses, stay tuned.

I want to update my free offer (which is why you won’t find it on my website yet). Again: stay tuned.

What was your June like? I’d love to hear from you in the comments.


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  1. Jeannine Gashi

    Liebi Angela
    Das mit den Provisorien, die einfach so bleiben und mit dem Juli voller Termine kenne ich sehr gut. Toller Monatsrückblick. Schön, dass ihr noch gemeinsam in die Ferien geht, das ist so wertvoll. Freue mich auf den nächsten Rückblick!
    Herzliche Grüessli


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