An Ordinary Day in May – 12von12 / 12 of 12

12von12 - Angela at the piano
Published 05/12/2021

Have you ever heard of the blogging concept “12von12” (12of12)? I must admit I haven’t.

Yet, lately I chose to become a part of the blogging community “The Content Society” by Sympatexter, where I was introduced to the idea of documenting every twelfth of the month in twelve pictures.

12 von 12

I’m not sure if this is for me but hey: I’ll give it a try.

Ladies and Gentlemen, here is my May 12 or rather: an ordinary day in May!

Alarm clock showing 5.01 a.m.

My days usually start between 4.30 and 5.00 a.m.
Today I obviously slept in…

Star wars socks

The Force is with me!
These were my youngest son’s socks but he has outgrown them (honestly, I hope he’ll stop becoming larger soon; otherwise I’ll have to punch a hole into the roof). So, I’m the only one left who fits into these ‘gorgeous designer pairs’…

Coffee machine and grinder

But first coffee…

Funny accessory

Without coffee, I’d be lost. So: “In case of emergency: break glass!”

Laptop display with Hungarian vocab

WITH coffee, however, I’ll be able to take over the world! – Or do some revision of Hungarian vocab at 6.00 a.m. in the morning.



Laptop display with Pronunciation Coach website

After that it’s working on my website design.


Angela Braun

I love it when I have accomplished at least part of the work I planned to do.



View from the car onto a rainy street

Time to drive to school. Even when it’s raining, I enjoy the route as it leads through the woods and I love the ’50 shades of green’.


Angela Braun doing vocal practice

It’s noon and time for some vocal practice. I’m lucky as I’m allowed to practice at the local music school when there are no lessons. Which means early mornings, noons and Sundays. I prefer that to practicing at home.


Angela Braun driving a car

On Wednesdays and Saturdays I visit my parents to help with household chores and drink coffee ? Today my mum asked me to do some grocery shopping for her. She just realized that tomorrow’s a holiday – and there’s always the imminent danger of starving ?. Especially if you live on a farm and have milk and potatoes at hand.


picture of Noragami DVD

Cleaned up, helped my youngest with French, gave an online coaching lesson, cooked dinner and worked on my blog post on Schumann. Time for a time-out. I had promised my son that we’d watch one of his Japanese manga films as a reward for learning French. He just happened to have “Noragami” lying around but after 20 minutes we switched to “Haikyuu!” which we both like very much!


Alarm clock showing 11.00 p.m.

Time to say “Good night”.


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