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Angela Braun, The Pronunciation Coach

Hi, I am Angela, The Pronunciation Coach for singers and choirs.

I am here to help you understand German lyrics and sing them like a native.
Break through your boundaries and set your performance free!

In my opinion it is absolutely necessary for you to master your basic “tools” like vocal techniques and pronunciation before you can start to actually make music. When you are sure of the “workflow” you can stop thinking about technicalities and let emotion flow. I cannot help you with challenges regarding your voice, but I will support you in singing German lyrics like a native, so you need no longer waste a thought on pronunciation.

I am convinced that learning is best done with fun and joy, hence my claim “The Joy of Singing German”! So apart from working intensely we will have a good deal of fun during lessons.

Having a profound knowledge of singing myself, I know that there is a huge difference between sung and spoken articulation. I have a knack for imparting the subtleties of German pronunciation (my clients say 😉) and won’t leave you alone until you have mastered it to perfection (I can be quite insistent 😉).

In our globalized world, where hundreds of different versions of one and the same aria are only one click away, it is no longer enough to have a lovely voice or a good singing technique to convince your audience. The art of making art lies in the willingness to go that extra mile and know about the intention behind the music in order to transport it. So, take the steps necessary for you to become world-class: work on your vocal techniques, get support in performing, extend your repertoire and hire a good pronunciation coach. It needn’t necessarily be me but make sure, they know what they are doing and will not quit until your pronunciation is perfect.

Do not be afraid of reaching for the stars! There is no such thing as an aim too high. I have witnessed more than once that a goal, broken down into steps combined with dedicated work and the willingness to constantly improve oneself will lead to amazing results. This is my motivation: I want to see you break through your boundaries and set your performance free!

My Why


(Classical) music has always been a huge part of my life: at the age of five, I started playing the recorder, later I switched to the clarinet and the oboe and for many years I have played in various ensembles. One day, when I was twelve, my cousin gave me a recording of “Der Bettelstudent”, an operetta by Carl Millöcker, and from the very first moment of listening I was hooked! The beauty of these classically educated voices touched a string in me and since that day classical music has been the love of my life (well, together with my family!) I listened to and learned everything I could lay my hands on: from Mozart to Verdi, from Wagner to Puccini, from early to contemporary music. As a side effect, I learned to read scores like a pro.


When it came to choosing professions, however, my second “big love” won over music: I studied languages and became a European Secretary. For several years I worked for international companies, doing translations, administrative and preparative work. During these years, colleagues used to ask me to help them improve their English for presentations and after work I gave English lessons. When I became a mother, I quit my job and started working as a freelance translator. In my spare time I sang in choirs and one day I was asked to teach my fellow choir singers on the pronunciation of an English song. Something clicked then and I began to realize that I could combine my two passions; I started to coach singers and choirs first on their English pronunciation and as the demand for German grew, I switched to my mother tongue. Hardly anything is as rewarding to me as teaching a singer to pronounce German musical repertoire as perfect as a native Speaker!

My mission

It is my mission to help you take your thoughts away from one part of your work – the pronunciation – so that you can concentrate entirely on your interpretation. Being a part of this process of generating art has always been a great pleasure to me and I am very thankful and honoured to have the opportunity to work with so many highly talented musicians!

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Angela laughing

Fun Facts about me:

– All other members of my family (my three “men”) are
professional singers.

– I grew up on a picture-perfect farm with animals and tractors.
Although neither my parents nor my siblings shared my
passion for classic, they tolerated it. However, when one day I
suggested to my father to play classical music for the cows, he
became seriously concerned about my mental health. I still
tease him with that look of absolute horror he gave me that
day… 😊

– As a balance to work I love going for a run through the woods.
There is nothing like fresh air and exercise to help me sort my
thoughts and clear my mind.

– I prefer to go to bed early and to start working at around
5.00 a.m. – just to have an excuse for drinking coffee

– I love Harry Potter, irony and Italian food.
For a good tiramisu I would do almost anything.


Angela Braun is a sought-after coach for German pronunciation for singers and choirs.
Besides having learned to play several instruments and having sung for many years, Angela has studied languages and worked for several years in international companies. When she became a mother, she started to work as a freelance translator and later on as pronunciation coach.
She now solely concentrates on the latter and works with amateur and professional singers and choirs from all over the world who want to sing German repertoire and aim to perfect their pronunciation. Her professional artistic focus lies on opera, art songs and church music.

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