I help classical singers and choirs to achieve perfect pronunciation so that they can perform german repertoire with confidence and ease

You want to sing German repertoire but German pronunciation is giving you hell?

The different R-sounds confuse you, German mixed vowels make you sweat and how on earth should you pronounce “ich” and “ach” properly?

People ask you regularly where you are from?

Then you need German diction coaching!

Of course, you took German lessons but diction was never treated properly.

You asked fellow singers (even German ones) and accompanists about German pronunciation but all you got was contradictory information.

Or worse, they just demonstrated how to speak a word or phrase but couldn’t explain how YOU could do it.

In that case, my online pronunciation lessons are perfectly right for you!

I help you to

  • finally get all the sounds right – even the most challenging ones
  • learn everything there is about German language melody and rhythm

  • master every potential pitfall – even when singing legato 
  • understand not only the overall meaning of your repertoire but every single word of your text
  • step up the stage and perform German repertoire with confidence and ease!

Here’s how you can work with me:

German Diction Coaching One Hour

One hour of full-packed, focused work on the piece you want to sing.
This is ideal when you want to work on one piece or minor flaws.

German Diction Coaching Four Hours

We have four hours of working together that we schedule as you like.
This gives us enough time to work on one or several pieces.

German diction coaching role preparation

Whether it’s a whole role you want to work on (including dialogues) or the repertoire for a recital or recording:
this package is the right choice!

Angela Braun German diction coaching for singers and choirs

Hi, I’m Angela

I help singers and choirs to achieve flawless German pronunciation so that they can perform German repertoire with confidence and ease!

I don’t believe in “one-size-fits-all” solutions. That’s why I apply individual methods that are tailored to your needs and requirements.

You won’t be bored with rules and we won’t lose time with theoretic approaches. In my coaching sessions we work directly on and with the arias and songs you want to sing.

Moreover, I strive to explain German diction comprehensively and make sure you have fun in learning and joy in singing German!


Here’s what clients say about me

“It’s an honour to work with you. I am deeply impressed about what I have achieved in such a short time.”

Evgenyi, baritone

„For my recent CD productions, I could always rely on Angela’s coaching lessons.

With enormous background knowledge and infinite patience, she improved and corrected my pronunciation.

It was great fun!”

Johannes, countertenor

I immediately felt in good hands with Angela!

She has shown me very efficiently how to produce my ‘challenge sounds’ and has given me many tips and practice recommendations to work with.

For the first time in my artistic life I feel confident when singing German repertoire!”⁠

Sofia, soprano

“It’s a pleasure working with you!

I’ve never had results that fast.”

Elena, mezzo

“With your help I not only nailed my audition but was especially congratulated on my good German diction”

Wladimir, bass

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